Trip to Mysore

Starting on Saturday morning (29th April 2006) for the trip to Mysore with my parents and bro Shyam in my car, we reached the destination quite late. We had to roam around Mysore quite a bit before we found Hotel Maharaja where we had booked our stay. This hotel in JLB Road. Its quite a nice hotel but the drawback is that the rooms were Non-A/C and there was no lift in the hotel. We had to climb the stairs for full two floors to reach our room. It was tedious with luggage.
Before we went to Mysore we halted for breakfast in Kamath Hotel about 5kms from Chennapatna. This place is always crowded and we wasted some 1.5hrs out there just to have few idlis and dosa’s.

We drove down to Srirangapatna which also has Tipu Sultans fort. We were told to visit two temples out there.
One was Nimishambal temple, here it seems whatever you wish for in that minute of your stay over there it would get fulfilled. Unfortunately, I forgot all about it once inside, otherwise would have wished for something crazy!!! 🙂 This temple is located on banks of river Cauvery.
There is another temple for Sriranganatha inside Tipu’s city. It seems this whole place was called Rangapura before it was re-christined as Srirangapatna. There is a Hanuman’s (Son of Wind God, for more info check out stories on the Indian Epic Ramayana) statue which was donated by the Chola’s. This is quite an indication that this temple was built long before Tipu’s city was created.
There are few other points of tourist interest, though am damn sure that not many tourists would have gone there.
1) Tipu’s palace
2) Tipu Sultan’s burial point
3) Water Gate (it seems the britishers came in through this point by bribing the sentry, bribing in Indian society exists for long long time)
4) There is a dungeon.
There are two other points which I forgot.

In the evening of yesterday we went to Brindavan Gardens (also called as KR Gardens). The musical fountain out there was not impressive at all by any means. It was such a waste of time.

Today (30th April 2006) we went to Chamundi Hills and the speical darchan quite was sight since I thought almost everyone took this ticket to avoid standing in big queues. After having darshan of Chamundeshwari, we went to Mahabalashwaer temple and Narayana Swany Temple. Both these are on the hill only. Since it was quite early in the morning the clouds were passing through us. It gave an experience of lifetime.

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