Cycling to office

Well for a starting its always better to practise and practise real hard. With only a week left for our big cycling plan, I thought I would practise the way I did for running marathons. So, today I cycled to my office. Its about 15-17kms from my home. Of course, one does sweat and we got a good gym facility in office. I did take my shower after reaching office, so no stink smell!!

Cycle gave a real good performance, especially when going down the slopes. I shifted to top gear and my cycle just zoomed down.
While climbing up a slope I reduced the gear to make it easier for pedalling.
It wasnt bad after all. Later in the day I need to cycle back to my home!!

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5 thoughts on “Cycling to office

  1. Kribs and co’s cycle plan sounds interesting.. I wish to do it.. but not in this summer.. I’m game for it if you guys plan 2 cycle agina someother cool time 😛

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