BMTC Volvo A/C Bus

Yesterday I managed to catch the bus 335E from Whitefield to Majestic (Kempe Gowda Bus Stand). Whats so special about this bus, well its one of the new Volvo A/C bus introduced by BMTC. The bus interiors looks very similar to the ones in Europe. Even Mumbai has few of these buses.
I heard from a lady in the stop that she was waiting for about 1hr in the bus stop and no sign of this bus. But in the opposite direction about 4 buses had gone.
That explains why they run in loss. So many people waiting for the bus for more than 1hr without any sign of it.
Is this a strategy by BMTC, anyway these people would wait let them wait. By the time they start some more people would come to the stop, which means more collection.



12 thoughts on “BMTC Volvo A/C Bus

  1. Volva busses have surely added that international tocuh to Indian transport services. But unlike other countries Indian transport service would never keep a watch on punctuality. 😦

  2. Yes in the Intial stage they targeted ITPL employees, Now they have increased the bus fleet to 8 which means one for every 15 min. During peak hrs their is one for every half an hour. I take it daily morning 8:15 from marathalli to Majestic, If i miss that I have mini AC Bus at 8:45 and another volvo at 9:00. So no worries for long wait for volvo now, Above that to all the routes the Volvo is running I see KempGauda to HopeForm route is running in major profits:-))

  3. Corruption in BMTC

    BMTC has awarded a tender to a company called LVSE a subsidiary of smartedge infotech solutions ltd Bangalore for lcd panels inside the bmtc volvo busses they have not called for any tender and awarded all 25 busses calling it a pilot project for 1 year. For the outside buses stickering only 1 bus was given as pilot project, and finally the outside stickering tender was finalized at around 45000rs. But the lcd panel display rights was given away at only 18000rs per bus. It costs around 250$ for each of the 29” LCD advertising display panels (this is not lcd tv this is a LCD advertising display panel). If LVSE charges say 5000rs for a 30sec slot per month for a bus then it makes 6,00,000 six lakhs a month while bmtc makes only 18000rs. If this kind of corruption stops then may be it will run much more efficiently and can charge the passengers a lot less.

  4. I would like to make a few corrections to the original post

    >> Even Mumbai has few of these buses. ….

    The fact is Bangalore is the first city to have VOLVO city busses.

    >> I heard from a lady in the stop that she was waiting ….

    Initially when BMTC introduced the VOLVOS, it was on test basis. It is not fair to blame BMTC for higher frequency of these buses. Though they have introduced more VOLVOS now, bangalore’s traffic adds to the delay of these.

    >> That explains why they run in loss…..

    KSRTC / BMTC is one the most profit making state owned transport companies in india.

  5. All seems right on this page. As one of the largest information provider on the internet for bus services in India, we receive lots of complaints from passengers about the conduct of drivers and bus conductors.

    India really needs to improve on customer services instead of bringing in the volvo. Even the old cart we used to drive is much better if boarded on it with a smile 🙂


  6. HI,

    Can anyone give me the number on which i can call BMTC Volvo for the advertisements :).

    I need to check this 🙂

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  8. Interesting.. However, BEST’s commitment to these AC Buses in today times of high petrol costs, is definitely suspect. I recently wanted to try out their new service (A-6) between Lokhandwala and BKC, which was introduced just a month or so ago, and found out it had already been discontinued.

    Apparently, regulars on the route were very unhappy with the service because BEST started the first bus from Oshiwara at 8:30 am instead of 7 am – so no one could ever reach offices on time!

    Nor were any efforts taken to popularise/ advertise this service. Not many even knew such a service existed!

    And since there were less patrons, BEST promptly discontinued the service.

    Makes one wonder whether there are other criteria for launching the services…

  9. Hi All,

    I know we keep complaning a lot abt these buses, But true volvo had changed the whole transport system, i remember someone quoted that more volvo’s lead traffic woes, I dont agree that volvo had instead made life easy, as we can more of the employees are preferring public transport and we must, if we want to do something to our climate.

    Agreed that these buses are not puntual, but there are various other ways other than to increase the fleet, like more information for these buses, their timings, KIOSK’s etc. This will help us to understand more abt their timings and operation….

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