Cycling to Chennai (Madras)

On 6th May 2006, I would be cycling along with Kribs and my bro Shyam to Chennai (Madras) from Bangalore. The total distance is close to 340kms.
I heard that some more guys would also be accompanying us.
This should be fun as I have never before cycled so much distance before.

I am going to start practising by cycling to office from home and vice-versa. Its about 40kms added up. I did buy myself a cycle yesterday.

Anyone interested is invited, do get your cycles along.

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2 thoughts on “Cycling to Chennai (Madras)

  1. Satish,
    All the best for your trip to Chennai from Bangalore. Maybe I will join you at near Poonamalle.
    ‘Do get your cycles along’ was insanely funny! Can imagine your angst that you want to absolutely rule out the possiblilty of a ‘major pile-on’ kind of guy sticking to you in ‘doubles’!

    -Balaji S.

  2. @balaji
    xactly, thats what i wanted to mean… nobody is invited to tag around.. gud that u were able to make humor out of it..

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