BarCampBangalore – Update

Finally things settled and as expected the turnout was nowhere close to the number of guys on the Wiki page. This was of course expected. Same goes with the session.
Currently there are session going on on Art of Scrum and Mobile Computing.
I had an interesting conversation with Kamla Bhatt on podcasting and the problems one faces. How video casting eats away space and with bandwidth problems in India how to stream the video after splitting it. She does a feature on Indians. Met Suraj, introduced by Kamla (sorry suraj not sure of your link would upload soon).
Met some more interesting guys from different offices & background.
Had a brief discussion with Tara Hunt. Of course there was something I always wanted to ask them, how they plan to control pornography which always has been a major problem. She did answer them, but we neeed to wait and watch as to what is going to happen.


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