Crazy Message & Phone Calls & Mails

It pisses me off to the core to see such dumb messages:

“For your protection you have been logged off. Please close all your active windows and try login again.”
This is thrown by Citibank when trying to login over the net. If I close all my active windows then what all should be open. Looks like they want only their site to be open. Isnt this message so dumb. Probably they should do a check on the login issues and give a different error message.

I get so many stupid messages like, ‘fill your profile for dating’, ‘download ringtones’, and many more similar dumb ones from Hutch GSM Service Provider.
Calls from Hutch customer center asking me to change from Prepaid to Postpaid connections. The funny part is they dont even know whom they are talking to. In a day there might be three guys from Hutch call center calling you up.
The best was last week I recieved a call from them and I categorically said I dont want to change my connection, she immediately changed the topic saying it was a survey. What a way to conduct a survey without knowing the users name!!

Calls from banks like ICICI, Citibank, American Express and lot more asking you to take new credit card and encouraging plans!!
Citibank sends SMS and makes calls letting you know of pre-approved loan when you dont want them. When you really want the loan they screw your happiness.

Everyday I get about two mails every day from some saying he/she is working in so-so bank in London, Kenya… wants to transfer X amount to my account. Sounds promising aint it!!!
Last year I remember one guy replied to such kind of mail. He went to Mumbai airport to recieve the money, he did get the money from some other guy & both were arrested by the police!!
A part of such mail is below:
a banker with Unity Trust Bank plc, London. I want to transfer 15,000,000 pounds belonging to (late) MrJohn Hughes. You can provide a bank account of your choice for this amount and also the percentage you wish to take for your assistance. If we agree on the terms, you shall hold the balance of the funds on trust after deducting your percentage, until we are able to find John’s relative. Reply for more details.”

Thanks guys, I dont need any money. If you get such mails, do not reply. Just delete them.

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3 thoughts on “Crazy Message & Phone Calls & Mails

  1. I dont get many calls from airtel, but this “transferring money” thingie is a regular – at least 3-4 times a week. I dont know whether to be impressed (haha) that someone wants to gimme so much money or feel sorry for the guys who send such mails. The point is, it is very easy to mass email these days. That encourages such scam artists.

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