Do fairer sex shun technology??

I have always had this thought for quite some time. The ratio of men to women in technology conference is insignificant compare to the ratio in a conference of Chartered Accountants or any other business. Why this disparity?
You can find quite a handful of them in offices writing lines of code and then rush to homes.
Last week I was in Chennai for BarCamp and there were not many from fairer sex. This weekend there is going to be BarCamp in Bangalore and I can see not many registrations from them.
If you count the number of entrepreneurs from women folk I think its not very big. There are exceptions like Sujatha of Podbazaar or Tara of Riya and few more. Compare this to number of Chartered Accountants practising private or doctors.

Is it that women are lacking in ideas to start something new.
Is it that they get no time to think about new ideas because of their other commitments.
Is it that they are complacent.
Is it that they have ideas but dont know whom to partner with and do it.
Is it because the way of upbringing. They are always made to think like they would get married, have kids, take care of them. Even the menfolk have not changed much in todays revolutionised world to encourage them.

Thanks to my friend with whom I was discussing this sometime back. The friend is a married girl. If you see some relation, thanks to her.

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