Cosmopolitan City bites dust

The Cosmopolitan City of India ‘Bangalore’ gave two days of tough time to its residents. Nobody wanted to venture outside. As mentioned in my earlier post, the entire Bangalore was not burning unlike what was shown in Media.
What was the reason for the violence, firstly the Goverment played around with the body of Dr.Rajkumar. They were unable to decide where to place it for public view and finally narrowed down to Kanteerava Stadium. The body was taken around each place considered.
Secondly, the problem is major disparity between guys in Bangalore who can afford coffee for Rs.100/- and those who cant give even Rs.10/-.
Thirdly, no other city apart from Bangalore (to an extent Mysore) has seen much development.
For venting all their anger they needed a reason and they got it.

This violence has led to many bloggers writing about the incidents, media projecting Bangalore in bad limelight and thousands of people discussing about it.
There is a big discussion happening on Bangalore’s Darkest Period in Bangalore Bloggers Group. While it is easy to shake off by blaming anti-social elements for the problem, why not do a study as to how these guys came in??

This also reminds of a comment posted in my earlier post by someone where he says Bangalore accepts his culture which is why he is here and would stay here. He never came back to answer what his culture is. He saw last week how much his culture was respected.

I was discussing with my friend on Sunday (16th April 2006) as to what plagues Bangalore that you dont find much interesting people. His answer was people are used to ‘swalpa adjust maadi’ (Adjust a little, friend). Barely he finished saying this, one guy in BMTC bus asked another to adjust and give him space to place his ass, though there were already two sitting.

While the focus is more on violence, I feel strongly that there should be an anlysis done on the people (Kannadigas) residing in Bangalore. Why they are not coming out in open for discussions, why they restrict themselves to a group of friends, networking hardly happens here (compared to the extent in other cities). In earlier day’s the climate of Bangalore made people lazy, this makes me wonder, how long can one be lazy and do nothing big in his life. What is it that they have with them to make them lead a relaxed and contended life.
Dont point at Dravid, Pankaj, Robin Uthappa.. They are exceptions…

Does someone have answers to these.

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