Cricket & Software Industry

What does cricket got to do with Software Industry. Both these are two different fields but both have similar set up. Let me do it point by point.
1) The guys representing the team are called players while in s/w they constitute the team and many teams put together constitute the company.
2) In both each individuals performance as an individual and collectively contribute towards success. Ricky Pointing makes it a habit these days to score centuries in every match, thereby contributing to his teams success. In s/w each individual when he has the same amount of commitment to succeed, it leads to overall success of the various projects that he is asked to handle.
3) In cricket we got selectors who select the team, the guys to be in and not in. In s/w we got recruiters who recruit people into the company and finally into the teams.
4) Captains role in cricket can be related more or less to the Team Lead or the Manager of a company.
5) The coach in cricket is none other than mentor, trainer, manager of a company.
6) Non-performers are given a second chance, if they still dont perform they are fired in both the fields.
7) There are drinks break in pre-defined intervals, likewise in s/w you got coffee/tea break after few hours of work.
8) In cricket when a tour is not planned, cricketer can go home and take rest or play domestic cricket. In s/w if there is no work for weeks to come the employee can go on vacation or work in a different project.
9) The net practise in cricket is equivalent to training sessions than an employee attends to fine tune his skills.
10) There are board room meetings and strategic decisions made in both the fields.

I tried to relate almost all aspect, if there are any missed out, feel free to add them in comments section. Incase you are a reader who does not know about cricket, please search in google.

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