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Most of my thoughts for this post stem from the recent interview given by Indian cricket team captain Rahul Dravid.
Currently in the Indian Team, there are few problems existing even though the win percentage is quite good. Firstly, Sehwag and kaif are not performing. Yes they have been failing in recent times, but they were star performers in the past. There were lot of reports in media and comments by experts asking for them to be fired from team.
What did Dravid do, gave them few more chance and he has been backing them all along. Even though their recent performance is bad, he does not dump them. Rather he has the faith in them that their performance would improve soon. He is a real role model. Instead of terming them as failure, this faith would give the two guys much needed confidence and it would not be long before the tides turn in their favour.

What is it that many s/w company managers fail to do is this. Once a star performer becomes a non-performer for one or two quarters he is given a warning and in following weeks he is termed as non-performer. His hike reduces, and everything takes a dip. When they are low on confidence, the managers instead of understanding their situation does not want to invest time in them. He does not keep faith in them, this also adds to the lost confidence of the employees.
Managers fail to understand what the key strength is of his team members and so who till yesterday was a star performer when given a different situation needs time to adjust and learn. This takes time, if he needs more time the manager should give the necessary confidence rather than putting him off.
Never make public your displeasure about any employee. If there are problems, call and talk to him. Dont give a wrong impression to others in the team. Every person in the team has the potential to make it big and all this lies in the way Managers call the shots.

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with my current employer. These ar emy own views compiled on inputs from friends I have been talking to.

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