Nice eat outs in Bangalore

The Amritha Bhavan – This place is in Koramangala 1st Block, close to Wipro Park. This places serves Tirunelveli food. The guy who runs this place was a manager in IBM and he quit the job for this.
They got big list of babycorn dosa, meals, kuthu parota (veg), dosa varities, idli, poori and lot more.
Only problem is with rise in mosquitoes in Bangalore one cannot stand outside. They got seating which can accomodate at the max 48 ppl at a time.

Something Fishy – This eat out is close to Sun Microsystems office. I actually forgot the road name. They serve Mangalore and Kerala type food. Prawns and crabs are damn good out here. Its not very spicy and neither is the food sweet. You get steamed rice, biriyani, parotas and similar stuff out here.
Definitely worth a try incase you want to eat sea food. Definitely, prawns are better here than in other restaurants. I heard, this place has got a mention in Lonely Planet.

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