Cheating the voters – Wake up guys

During election campaign for TamilNadu assembly election, ex-Chief Minister Dr.Karunanidhi has told the voters, that if his party comes to power they would give Television sets to every family in TN. If he goes with his word then he requires 12million TV sets while the total production of TV sets is only 10million!!! (Thanks to George for his article in Sunday Indian Express)
This is yet another classic case where politicians would never keep up to their words. How in world would this party give TV sets, its just a blank promise.
Its time for voters to wake up and question such kind of promise.

I feel the Election Commission of India should object to such kind of promises. Its time there was some morality shown by political parties. Of course such kind of blank promises are made all over India by politicians, I can only quote this since am not very sure of others.

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2 thoughts on “Cheating the voters – Wake up guys

  1. @ada-paavi
    what has uplifment of women got to do with TV sets???
    As an offline comment he also mentioned providing free cable channels…

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