Bangalore or Chennai

On Sunday I met few guys who had come down to Chennai from Bangalore to attend a marriage. Few of the guys were making so much fuss about the humid factor in Chennai. Now this tells us that they have not moved around in Bangalore during day time. The temperature difference between the two cities is just 1deg. Bangalore even though does not have any water resources can generate some sweat when you go out for a stroll during day time. Where does this humidity come from??
I feel its the general mentality that one comes to Chennai with. So much so that one guy asked me how we live in Chennai. Can I ask you something, how do you live in Bangalore with so much of pollution, mosquitoes, lack of roads and regular power cuts. Four factors where Chennai wins hands down.
These guys are also surprised to see vehicles travelling in both the directions in any roads after moving around umpteen one-way’s in Bangalore.
Tell me guys, one factor by which Bangalore would get down to be the best city to work in??
Most of the guys who complain are software engineers, who have never taken a walk during afternoon time in Bangalore. Never seen anyother guy complain so much.

Whatever said and done there are +ves & -ves in both the places. Its how we max use of it that matters. But a true professional will never go around complaining that I cant work here and stuff like that. Its time to become a professional and not just be a worker.

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9 thoughts on “Bangalore or Chennai

  1. Man, i was just jokin about the temperature in Chennai. The sea breeze which sets in after 2 pm kinda cools one out.

    However, The altitude difference does makes Bangalore a cooler place during the non-summer seasons and during the night.

    And you are right about the traffic in Chennai. I was really happy to travel between 40-60 kms/hr on a main road. God, how we miss this in Blore!

    I shuttle between the cities and try to have the best of both 😉 But thats just me 😀

  2. Poda,

    Bangalore is best because of the cosmopolitan culture it has. Chennai can never match B’lore in cultural sensitivity.

    As a North Indian which is miles away from his home the least I want is tolerance from the local people towards me and respect towards my culture. Bangalore has lots of them. I think that’s the reason why people are staying in Blore despite all those bad roads and other problems. Chennai can never compete with Blore on this front.

  3. @aswin
    thnx, will send u a mail soon…

    am not referring to you… on sunday i went to attend my managers reception and my colleagues who came over there were lamenting.. it luked like they had never visited anyother place other than bangalore…

    its bad to say this, but you know why people shed their clothes off when in bangalore is coz they are far far away from their parents.. if they had been in hometown they would never shed clothes…
    do you knw that about 35%-40% of people in bangalore are tamilians??!! 🙂

    btw, how do you define culture.. whats ur culture?? have you ever been to other places in India and checked out whether they respect your culture??

  4. common rishikesh,

    what do you mean by respecting culture..merely by speaking hindi? A northy can live much safer and acceptably in tirunelveli than a southerner in Bihar!


    I read about the recent outburst in Hyderabad of infosys CEO Nandan, stating that Bangalore is not the best place for IT industry and hyderabad is much better. This is only an isolated opinion and should not be given any importance because, after some time he may start complaining about Hyderabad as well. There are so many multinational companies in Bangalore and no one has complained. Bangalore is definitely the best place for the IT industry in the whole world and we accept that Hyderabad, Bombay and Delhi are number two.

    1. Bangalore city has welcomed people from all parts of India as well as the whole world and is a peaceful and quiet city.
    2. Bangalore city attracts the best talent in the IT industry, anyone wanting to work in the IT industry gives first preference to Bangalore.
    3. Bangalore city has the best infrastructure/roads/transportation/housing facilities in India.
    4. Bangalore city has the best educational institutions and trained manpower in the whole of India/world.
    5. Bangalore city does not have any unruly politicians as in southern states going to elections in May 2006.
    6. I request all Bangalore lovers to condemn what infosys CEO has said and request all multinationals to teach a lesson by setting up more IT related operations in Bangalore.




  6. @hrishikesh:
    ur concept of chennai not accepting ur culture is MAD and saddening. Do you know the v r the ones who offer places to many africans?? or the many nepalis who work here?? u dont know a lot of things and NEVER comment about anything about which u dont know anything. Infact, theres a place for jains in chennai. that place is called sowcarpet. i donno if u have something similar in blore, but ur concept is useless bcos v r Indians and we respect others.

    Btw, ur culture means??

  7. @sanjay
    i think you have not seen India still which makes you say Bangalore has best infrastructure/roads… dont say this ppl will laugh out loud & clear..

    valid point man.. even guys staying in delhi or so dont go to Bihar!!

    thnx for supporting

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