Microsoft Vista

Currently watching the MS Word new yet to be released version on the 2nd Day of BarCamp Chennai.
This has cool features, something which I had been looking forward from them for quite some time. For example when you want to change font for a selected block of text when you point cursor on font name the font changes in the text similar when you scroll thru other fonts. This reduces the repeated selection and waste of time.
Insertion of tables is quite easy.
When you highlight a text, then point the cursor on top of it, menu options would be available right over there. Some easy accessibility.

But now comes the shitty part as always with MS. They have removed the drop down menu and cluttered the toolbars. They have also done away with the old menu options of ‘File, Edit, View’…
Since its the beta version theres no option of changing the look to the earlier release of MS. Probably they might get in time when the release happens.

There are some good features in MS Excel. Powerpoint now gives the option of 3D image viewing and presentation. This is going to make presentations look lot better in time to come.
Wait till the release happens.



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