Taazza Samachar!!??

Is News really delivered?? Arjun is currently giving a talk on this…. did i say talk, hes working with Taazza
His company is Evolution of News Delivery… i think lot has been heard of this company & site is pretty cool.. yep, they havent launch the site and would be out soon….

There is a mashup that has been done with GoogleMaps and the best thing is the readability in the site. Once you get search results on GoogleMap, just point your cursor on top of bubble you get the brief new item.
Want to know of more mashups done in market, check out this link.
Once can search for anything and everything. Of course you can get the news update by past 1hr, 24hrs….

There was one thing I noticed in the pages shown during the presentation. There is an option to ‘Save Story’ but there is no option to retrieve the story that I have saved some time back. If I cant retrieve it, then why in world have that option itself.
I would like to be able to personalize the page and do mashup by myself of the content I would feel like having. With lot of news that can be browsed through I would have my choice of reading only Tea Kadai stuff… (Anyway this is my preference)

This might be giving Vinu working on MyToday a run for his money… Wait and Watch



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