Making money through blogs

Amit Agarwal on his session talked of how to make money through blogs. Somehow the session was not as interesting as expected. It was more like a session where one talks to bunch of guys who want to start blogging.
He just went about giving names of guys who pay you money for ad’s like Google AdSense… Sorry Amit, these are already known to the people. About 95% sitting in the room were bloggers and I dont think there exists more than 10% of bloggers who dont know how to make money.
Many actually do it for the love of writing, for example you see so many blogs which have just poems and romantic stuff to tease boy friend/girl friend…

Of course the problem is that not much can be talked on this except the usually said ones and which does become repititive.
But yes almost all the points were covered and I did get to know of ‘TalkDigger’ Search Engine which collaborates all info exhaustively from all other search engines….


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