BarCampChennai – Session 1

Sesion 1 is Ganesh of VoiceSnap on Voice Messaging….
VS2 – People tell how they use it rather than these guys telling how to use it… gets to be more of company presentation & telling abt their products…
Sorry but I thought they would tell how it works rather than what their products are and who & how they use it… No offence meant but this shouldnt be a marketing session…
They got quite a lot of features and of course this is not realtime… multi-language support.. Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai has implemented in their intranet… there is no requirement for one to be on-line and check on the bandwidth…
96kb file size for 1min message…
They got a demo session coming up… if that can be shown would be gr8…



2 thoughts on “BarCampChennai – Session 1

  1. Thank you Satish, for mentioning about Voice Snap.

    Since I was the first on stage and was not really sure about unconferencing, I had to tell on how users have put VoiceSnap to use.

    If time permits, I will certainly go up there again to give a demonstration of VS2 (Voice Snap)

    If you need more info, please feel free to reach us, preferably in Voice, and we would be glad to share as much info as we can with you.

    Thanks again

    Happy Voice Snap’ping


  2. @ganesh
    of course am interested in your stuff.. the best part is there no dependency on the bandwidth which is what i like most..
    probably, the best would be for me to leave a voice message from your site..

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