Congrats Vishy

Vishy is not Gundappa Vishwanath dumbo, its Vishwanath Anand. Incase you guys have never heard of this name, its a shame to be an Indian. This Chennaite was most unfortunate since he took up a sport where the media coverage is very less. The probability of being cast in an advertisement is also very less, the only ad I remember seeing him is NIIT.
He was also unfortunate to have taken a sport in which mind is to be used, only physical energy will do nothing. One needs to have both Physical and Mental strength.
He has for quite some time been World’s No.2 Chess Player. His current ELO rating is 2803 one less than Bulgarian Topalov.
I just hope a day will come when not only cricket and Tennis (read Sania Mirza) hog the headlines but also other sports in which Indians are doing a lot.

Congrats Vishy, hope you can move up to No.1 slot soon.

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3 thoughts on “Congrats Vishy

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