Trip to Thirumalai

I dont know why people refer to Thirumalai as Tirupathi. Tirupathi is the city below the mountains and Tirumalai is the one on top of mountain which is also the Temple City of the Lord Venkateswara. This is also the second richest Temple City in the world after Vatican city.
The journey was so boring with the driver not driving above 70kms/hr speed in the Tempo Traveller.
We started from Bangalore at around 11:00 on Sunday morning and stopped at Woodys for lunch which is about an hours drive. Since I was very hungry I left a clean plate. After another halt we reached there close to 5:30 in the evening.
The purpose of the visit was to attend a wedding which was scheduled on Monday 3rd April 2006. After the wedding till others packed their bags we were watching the IndVsEng One Day Match, unfortunately could not watch the slog overs of Indian innings. During travel the TV cannot capture the signal.
Reached Bangalore yesterday evening close to 6:00pm and then drove down to my house.
Did not go for the darshan nor any shopping. I would again travel in the month of May in my car for the pleasure of it.

Surprising was that up the mountain it was hot during the day. It was as usual cold in the night.

On the way back from Tirupathi there is an old fort with a wall for protection which goes till half way up the mountain. Not sure of the exact location but its an awesome view and noted was that there were no tourists to this spot!! If anyone has any knwoledge of this do ping me on same.

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