Harassment and cloth

I read lot of posts supporting the fight against street harrasment & eve-teasing. But in certain posts I did find guys commenting about the clothes girls should wear.
Hey guys,
1) is it perfectly fine for a guy to show off with his fly open
2) is it perfectly fine for a guy to pee in public
3) is it perfectly fine if a guy has his dhoti tied up revealing his underwear or no wear
4) is it perfectly fine for a guy to roam around displaying his biceps

If all the above are perfectly fine then why cant a girl wear
1) short skirts
2) sleevless top
3) tight jeans

How would a guy feel if a girl stared at him and then along with her friends start laughing.
How would it be if a girl pushed a guy or nailed him unable to control her emotions.


2 thoughts on “Harassment and cloth

  1. Hi Satish,
    Exactly my thoughts. What a girl wears is always picked up so much while judging an ‘eve teasing’ incident, that sometimes it feels men are just adrenaline-raging-animals who would be provoked by a display of some part of the limb. If this were true, then every man would be a ‘eve teaser’, but it is not so. It is more like who can respect a human, man or woman, rather than, which human, man or woman, is asking or projecting himself or herself as respectable.

  2. @aparna
    i always feel theres nothing wrong in looking as long as looks dont kill..
    but getting physical is always wrong so is passing comments & singling lewd songs..
    anyway, everything stems from movies..

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