Harrasment against women – Part 2

This is second part to my earlier post in support of the project to fight against eve-teasing and street harrasment.
In my post on Jan 9, 2006 I had written what girls should remember to keep in hand anytime they walk out of the door. The post was made on account of rape and murder of HP call center employee. To read the original post click here.
Its a well known saying that ‘Known enemy is better than an unknown stranger’. Its always better to be self armed to fight against harrasment.

What a girl should do/have with her:

1) Carry a knife always and make it visible. Do not use the knife for any other purpose except when you are attacked.
2) If you have big nails, scratch him on the face leaving a big scar.
3) Have a bottle of perfume always in your hangbag. When someone attacks you spray right into his eyes.
4) Learn martial arts which can help you in defending.
5) Learn to scream and scream loud enough.
6) If possible go for exercises regularly to add few muscles, nothing wrong about it.
7) When you board a van or car make sure it is never filled with guys and you are the only girl in it. Though you might feel I dont have any problem and not orthodox like in South, think twice, its not safe for you. There is nothing about being orthodox or not.


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One thought on “Harrasment against women – Part 2

  1. You can get a can of mace (basically a red chili powder mixed in water) or make one yourself and keep it in your purse.

    Even when you get into your own car (if you own one) always always check the back seat to make sure no one is hiding there, b4 you close the doors and start driving

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