Amway and business – Part 3

Click here for Part 2 of the series.

Amway as many would be knowing works on networking model. There are many enthusiastic people who are eager to know how to make money on part time basis without affecting the current job. Half of them would reject straight down the idea when they come to know its Amway they are going to talk about.
So, when a presentation is made to pull in more people the speaker never mentions a word of Amway till end of his session. He would talk about Active and Passive income. Active income is the money you are drawing from current job and Passive is the one which you can make on part time basis.
In all their speeches they say that one always works for somebody who is making huge profits and you are paid very less.

What the guys making money through Amway fail to understand is:

1) They are also working for somebody.
2) You get a bigger cut than an 8hr job.
3) The guy on top is still reaping profits without doing anything.
3) You cannot talk lowly about an 8hr job. If not for the job which enables an Active income how can they take a step to make money through part time job. Its the money from Active income which they use to invest. What happens 5yrs down the line is different point all together.
4) You cannot ridicule what others do.
5) Comparison of products in markets can be done but you cannot rule saying that other products are bull shit. Yes, Amway products are good but the guys in the business should learn different techniques of marketing the same. What am trying to convey is you should not be judgemental or enforce your decision on others. You should do a presentation and wait for customers to take a call. I would definitely call this as negative marketing.

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8 thoughts on “Amway and business – Part 3

  1. Dear,
    Are u Amway member? If yes , what is ur designation? Can you tell us the business plan for NRI’s , I am thinking to join soon. Your article was not purely negative .Are u optimistic? Good blog

  2. Satish,
    Parents always wants good to their children and everybody is having different ways of handling.So they might be giving them enough time for their creativity and playing too.

  3. Amway is only a mafia business, if dont believe, you can try to join and see what really happens. Then you will find nothing but bullshit.

  4. @anon1
    am not an amway member.. i hate their style of working.. u can contact brittindia for details..

    its ok man… i’ll delete the comments later

    what you say is in a way true.. its akin to organised crime of mafia

  5. absolutely true !

    the irony is amway gives back whatever one wishes. such as mafia, scam, scheme or mlm including financial freedom, permanent income, foreeign tours or royalty.

  6. I can challenge you and prove all teh points written above as wrong.

    Am a amway distributor and i can bet you dont even have half the information.

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