Amway and business – Part 2

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Though it sounded really strange of guys from IIT and REC joining together and running a business and later coming to know it was Amway. When I talked to them I really understood that these guys are actually from IIT and REC. Some of the guys have quit their job to pursue this business.
Most of the business is done over phone and meetings are conducted in home rather in a posh hotel. In these meetings people are made aware as to how the business model works. Apart from these meetings where only a small crowd is invited there are bigger meetings conducted weekly in some college.
In this meeting a successfull guy comes on stage to do a presentation on the business model. The model is more in terms of a tree structure which can be visualised. If a guy at the bottom of the tree makes good money the guy even at the root node also would be getting a percentage of the profit. The more the network the more each guy in the network makes money. This is one business which runs purely on networking.
You learn how to run the business and you teach others how to do it.

Though everything looks impressive, one need to question himself whether he is ready to do this. Not everybody is successful in this business and not everyone fails. It all depends on individuals motivation level and the time he can give in for this.
If a guy works hard for one – two years he can make real money out of it.

To know who all are in this business attend some weekly meetings. Its all inspirational talk on how they made money and how you can make money.

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One thought on “Amway and business – Part 2

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