Chennaites and Hindi

In 1960’s the Dravidan movement was against Hindi imposition into the State (TamilNadu). In all Goverment schools Hindi was removed from education. People still remember that only.
If you are from Chennai and you speak Hindi, the first question people from other states ask is how do you know Hindi.
Guys, the movement was long back. There are lot of ways in which Hindi can be learnt for speaking, writing and reading. You can learn Hindi in schools and not every school in Chennai is run by Goverment. You can learn Hindi by passing some exams. You can also learn Hindi from North Indian friends.
In Chennai one area is dominated by Gujarati’s if you did not know till now.

Have Chennaites ever asked a Bihari, how do you speak English or for that matter people from any other state. Why this expression of surprise when a guy from Chennai speaks Hindi??

Incase you guys did not know, Tamil has been conferred the status of International Language.

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3 thoughts on “Chennaites and Hindi

  1. Dude, Chennai is one of the fortunate states that has been positively shying away from Hindi – but for a good cause. The 1960’s movement is one of the primary reasons India is booming with all the BPO and stuff. Ironically, it was Vajpayee who demanded that Hindi should be nationalized, but is equally proud of the BPO boom thats due to abundance of English, esp in the south.

    Despite this, Chennaiites have been quite liberal in accepting Hindi or any other language into their place…Tamil movie industry is an ideal example

  2. Regarding the national language policy , I would suggest the following changes

    (a) Make all Indian languages National languages
    (b) Make English the official link language
    (c) Make Hindi the cultural link language and give it last preference

    The only reason we need Hindi is that less educated people like
    petty traders, businessmen, merchants etc also need to communicate with each other and do business and english is out of bounds for them.

    This is why Karnataka and Andhra support a three language formula

    At the time of independence less than 1% of Indians could even
    communicate with each other : Hindi has sucessfully solved this
    problem. Now it is time to maintain cultural diversity.

    Now that the problem of people communicating with each other has been solved we can encourage regional language films etc by giving extra incentives etc


    Any Inputs ?

    – Sujay

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