Bird Flu Virus

India was well prepared to take care of Bird Flu infecting humans for more than a year. But the worst part is the virus was detected only after more than 10 days had passed. Though media and officials reported only on February 8th 2006, the virus had affected the poultry on January 26th 2006 itself. No one was aware till media reported dead chicken lying on the Maharashtra Highway. Farmers and traders to avoid loosing chicken sales went ahead with the usual transport by despatching all the dead ones on the highway. After reports in media, Goverment swung into action and did a testing of poultry around the region to confirm the reports.
Even when the Goverment was giving compensation to the farmers for kiiling all the poultry in the region they demanded more money. The money offered was more than what would have fetched them for the chicken in the market.

Today even after Goverment says that eating chicken after heating at more than 70deg is safe for consumption people are not willing to take any risk. Most of the shops selling chicken and eggs are lying vacant with no stock and no buyers.
People want to be safe from any problems that might occur.

What needs to be seen is, will the Goverment release a press statement to prevent loss that everything is safe (even if actually not) or will the Goverment wait till all the poultry are vaccinated.

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3 thoughts on “Bird Flu Virus

  1. Your description of what is happening in India helped me understand the situation very well. Thank you. My best wishes for all the people of India. I hope bird flu goes away and never comes back.

  2. @sophia
    its ok to eat aas long it is properly cooked… u never know when it might spread to chicks in madras… last heard the virus has been detected in Gujarat..

    the situation is not that bad but it took some time before it was detected… still its safe to eat chicken & eggs in most other places..

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