NRI can also cast vote

Manmohan Singh goverment has brought in a new revolution by allowing Non-Resident Indian’s studying/working outside India can also cast their vote. It is however not clear how this is going to be implemented. Is there a census on how many NRI’s are there. Should they come to India to cast their vote? But definitely this is a good move.
Last year I wrote a two page mail to CDAC on how people can cast their vote over internet. People who do not have internet access can go to voting booths in their locality to cast vote. By this way I had mentioned how NRI’s (that time goverment had not issued a statement that NRI’s can cast vote) and Indian’s not staying in their home town can also cast their vote.
Its anyone’s guess, there was obviously no response from CDAC on the proposal.
They need not reply even if they are working on the solution would make me feel happy. But I can tell certainly that nothing would have happened.

Allowing NRI’s to vote also raises one question of how much they are updated about politics equation happening back home?
Hoping that they are updating themselves regularly, if every Indian decides on who should form the goverment, then there would be no work for some media organisations. They would not be required to conduct sting operations.

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