Foursome tag

I have been tagged by Potpourri.

Four jobs I have had:

Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Engineer

(Such a boring life!!??)

Four movies I can watch over and over:

Nayagan (Tamil)
Iruvar (Tamil)
Pulp Fiction (English)
Good Bad and Ugly (English)

Four places I have lived in:

Chennai (Madras), TamilNadu
Trichy, TamilNadu
Bangalore, Karnataka

(Looking forward to a new place, all depends on workplace!!)

Four TV shows I love:

Comedy time
Songs on VH1 and Souther Spice Music channels

Four places I have vacationed:

Waynad, Kerala
Kanyakumari, TamilNadu
Tenkasi, TamilNadu

Four of my favorite dishes:

Amma’s vethakozhambu
Potatao deep fry with spice

Four sites I visit daily:

Blogger (blogs)

Four places I would rather be right now:

Pakistan to watch Indo-Pak cricket series
Coorg, Karnataka
On European tour
On road practising for next marathon!!

Four bloggers I am tagging:


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