Sachin Tendulkar and Mentorship – Part 2

Read Part 1 here.
What does Sachin got to do with Mentoring. In the earlier post I had mentioned of two matches. What did Sachin do, he gave the new guys the confidence, the feel good factor, the responsibility and motivation.

Sachin Tendulkar is no more his usual self. He cannot play with power like his younger days, so he stays put and guides the younger players. He cannot train standing outside the ground, he has to be right there to get the level of motivation high in the younger players. In doing so, he is not only mentoring the new inexperienced guys in the team but he is also performing his other task which is to score runs.

This is what is expected also from experienced colleagues in an industry. A guy works for two years in a company he has gained some knowledge on the subject. Company goes on hiring spree. Now he has two tasks in front of him. One he has to mentor all the new colleagues so that they feel comfortable in the company and on the job. This experienced guy should also do his usual activity which he had been performing for past two years.
Let experienced colleague be E1 and new colleague be E2.
Mentoring does not mean to leave the job you did till yesterday and just keep talking around. One should be a mentor like Sachin Tendulkar on the field and also off the field. A mentor should be with the mentee most of the time till he learns what happens in the company, what happens within the team, what is the job he would be doing, what is his role and how important his job is to the company. Even while doing the job assigned the mentor should help the new guy out. This does not mean to sit and do the job without teaching but to make the new colleague understand what he is supposed to do and how he can do it. Thats what Sachin did. Also to be noted is Sachin did not fail to score runs. So should E1 remember.
E1 should take E2 around for a cup of coffee understand what E2’s strengths and weakness are, what he was doing till yesterday, why he chose this job and place of work. E2 would not be giving the correct picture initially but E1 should get the confidence of E2. This can be got over easily when E2 sees how E1 has performed over time in the past. Once E1 understands E2, then he should work with the strengths and help in overcoming the weakness by providing E2 right inputs in right time. Whenever E2 looks for help and guidance, E1 should not shun away. Whatever E1 is doing can be put on hold if not urgent and E2 should be given a direction to resolve his issues. E2 should get a feeling that he has someone around whom he can approach whenever a problem is encountered. Also, E2 should understand that problem should be accompanied with probable solutions.
Irfan Pathan had a problem of playing the ball and his solution was to be there or go back or give the strike to Sachin. If he goes back he fails, if he gives the strike to Sachin it shows his lack of courage and confidence. He chose to be there.
Every problem has a solution only problem is that it misses our eyes most of the time and more so when it is required.
E1 should stand like what Sachin did and expose E2 like Pathan.

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