Sachin Tendulkar and Mentorship – Part 1

Everybody feels Sachin Tendulkar, cricket player from India with more than 14000 runs in One day cricket and 10000+ in Test matches is not his usual self. After the tennis elbow injury he has lost his touch and is no more a player like he was. There were also people who said he should not be playing in the team. After return from injury he has not performed barring few matches. From his recent performance there are also concerns raised whether he should open the batting in One Day matches.

Mentorship/Mentoring is a common terminology used in Software Industry. According to dictionary a mentor is a wise and trusted advisor and helper to an inexperienced person. This role performed by mentor is termed as mentorship/mentoring. Mentoring need not be restricted to inexperienced person, it can also extend to experienced colleagues who loose focus due to distractions.

Lets take two instances, both were the One Day matches played between India and Pakistan in Pakistan this week.

In the first match, India lost Sehwag very early and Irfan Pathan came out to bat. He has scored 50+ in one match earlier some months back. Pathan was struggling for first 12 deliveries he faced before he scored a single. When he faced these 12 deliveries, he was uncomfortable against the pace and bouce and swing. This was evident to all watching the match, this was evident to Sachin who was on the other end giving him company. Sachin motivated him waited patiently till Pathan started scoring without denying him any oppurtunity.
Sachin knew that Pathan’s strength is to hit the ball hard once he gets his eye in and for this he should get the oppurtunity, he should be given confidence. That was what he did. He did not defend Pathan instead allowed him to face the attack and slowly Pathan started scoring and he ended up scoring 50+ runs.

In the same match Sachin did the same to Dhoni. After Pathan was out, Dhoni walked in. He had played earlier in one match as an opener, but still he is fresh to cricket though he has few big scores in his name.
Sachin again understood what Dhoni’s strength are. He gave as much strike as possible to Dhoni of course without he losing an oppurtunity to score runs. Dhoni also ended up with 50+ score.

In the second match, Sehwag opened with Sachin and has not had good scores recently. Once again Sachin allowed Sehwag to face most of the deliveries. Sachin stood on the other end of the pitch having full confidence and telling assuring words to keep Sehwag focussed. Sehwag played his usual self and scored 50+ again.

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