Rang De Basanti (Hindi) – Movie Review (I)

What one learns from this movie:

1) Things have not changed Before Independence and After Independence in India. While it was Britishers before Independence, its our Indians after Independence.
2) Youngsters are easily motivated to take to arms when something wrong happens to them
3) There are three kinds in which people face death
(a) People who face death screaming
(b) Some in silence
(c) Others with laughter
4) Youngsters of today do not realise how much effort was put in to gain independence. We still need somebody out of India to come and tell us to understand things.
5) Once youngsters learn, they get influenced easily by the part they play.
6) Politics does change people over time, some to realise and move out to make things better, some stay with it and see it rot.
7) Even a Hindu hardliner has a soft heart and is against Muslims only because they are paid to do so. Not only against Muslims but also against the culture of drink and dance influenced by the West. All for money.
8) Corruption is prevelant in Goverment, some things are meant to happen that way only and nothing would change them.
9) Things can be changed if youngsters can act and not be lethargic.
10) We need new bunch of people in politics and running the Goverment.

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