Things to improve – Mumbai Marathon

I heard for co-runners that last years marathon was better organised than this years marathon. Few things I would like to share so that others might also come ahead and improve things.

1) One old man shoves all Indians away from the starting area of Full Marathon. He wants only elite runners to be there. What the hell, when it comes to running everyone is on same platform. There shouldnt be any discrimination.
When you want us to move out, you cannot shout at us. Hey we are fellow Indians, learn to respect us. You tell politely we move not push us out and call police to throw us out.
You run 5kms some day then you would also know how much feelings we have to run.
Be a sport old man, dont be a damned dictator.

2) The race should not for any reasons start at 8:00 in the morning. If marketing is important and video coverage is more important than running, please scrap Full Marathon from schedule.
Not everyone can finish the marathon in less than 2.5hrs to escape the heat. We guys need more time and you cannot make us run under the hot sun.
The reason you say that only after 8:00 when there is light sunshine the cameras on the helicopters would be able to cover sounds absurd. As an organising committee one should be more concerned about health of runners.
Hope next year, you guys start at 6:00 in the morning.

3) While returning the marking was not clear. Many areas people were confused which path to take.

In the end it was a nice and different experience. Thanks a lot to organisers for doing a good job except for few flaws which should be corrected.

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