Mumbai Marathon and PIL

One Dilip Shah has filed a Public Interest Litigation to stop the Mumbai Marathon. Read more.
Sounds funny, the route was published long back, what were you doing all the while Mr.Shah. Why wait to file PIL 4 days before the event.
Is there no alternate route apart from travelling in the routes blocked for marathon.
Mr.Shah, if you are not against the marathon, then why does the PIL state ‘stopping the marathon’, why did it read ‘decide on alternate route for marathon’.
Do you understand how much practise everyone puts for running a marathon.

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4 thoughts on “Mumbai Marathon and PIL

  1. I’m running the 7 km cuz I didn’t train enough for the 21 km. That was my first priority.

    Next year.. for SURE.

    Happy Running.

  2. @amol
    thanx for the comments and all the best..

    thanx for the link… u can @least leave ur name so that i know who ur!! 🙂

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