South India – Is it safe

Recently I came a news article which read that South India is also no more safe. Cities like Bangalore are now targets for the terrorist organisations with rising value.
This discussion had come up after gun shots in IISC campus, Bangalore. There are no confirmed reports yet that terrorist organisation was responsible for this. None of them have claimed responsibility also.
It is just an assumption that they could be behind the attacks.

If we look 15years back, Rajiv Gandhi was killed by LTTE in an attack in Sriperumbudur, few kilometers away from Chennai. There were not any further attacks after that.
Veerappan was kidnapping, smuggling sandalwood.
Naxalites problem is always there.

The people responsible for killing Rajiv Gandhi were caught and sentenced to death.
Veerappan was shot dead in a well planned shootout by Special Task Force.
Majority of naxalites were killed in shootout with police and things are under control.

South India was considered safe even then, but one shooting incident by one person and talks emerge that South India is also not safe.
I would say all these talk are bull shit. Its these kind of statements which the terrorists would be desiring for. Such kind of talk would reduce the Foreign investment into the states, people travelling would stop and many other things would follow affecting all the industries and section of people.

Let us concentrate on our work as if nothing has happened, lets leave all the talk to the Goverment and the Police. This would be matured way of tackling with bad guys and telling them ‘Hey guys, things will not change all your attempts are futile’.

Let us not over-react to situations. This is major problem with the press (print media).

South India is still safe and there need not be any concerns.

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