AR Rehman – Happy Birthday

Long hairs, odd working hours, recording studio at his home, own set of sound engineers, new singers.. Thats AR Rehman for you.
He changed the music industry and turned it around single handed. Thamizh film industry which was used to listening to music with usage of instruments, he made a change by bringing in synthesiser.
8th standard dropout after demise of his father, he took everything on his shoulders. From composing music for jingles, Mani Ratnam gave him a break with movie Roja and he gave a break to listeners. ‘Chinna chinna aasai’ (small small wishes) became overnight hit. The songs from this movie was also welcomed by the huge bollywood audience, quite surprising for they have never given a second ear to artistes from south India.
Rehman became standard for all movies of Mani Ratnam. He was also a standard with Shankar who has given good movies till he opted for another music director Harris Jeyaraj and it told in the album sales.
He scored his full fledged Hindi (Bollywood) movie Rangeela for director Ram Gopal Verma. He has not turned back after that. He has scored music for Chinese movie, Bombay Dreams (English musical movie on bollywood) and is currently scoring for Hollywood movies.

His trademark is a soft beat in the background of every song he has composed. Iruvar (first movie for Aishwarya Rai) music was composed with normal instruments and synthesiser was not used at all.
His album song Vande Mataram was a tremendous success.

There is not one song of his thamizh movies that can be singled out saying thats awesome. All his songs has a brilliance. He has proved to be the best in fusion, mixing carnatic with rap, so on and on.
His score for Pudhiya Mugam (New Face) the album sales set a record.
For his songs you can visit the site raaga.

Though of late he has been scoring very few thamizh movies, his thamizh fans are always waiting for him. We always will be looking out and waiting for your music. We know you will not disappoint us.

Wish you a Happy Birthday.

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