No Man’s Land – Movie Review

The movie looked to be ordinary but it was depicting what happened recently. No wonder it beat Lagaan (film from India) for the Oscar. This movie about how three guys get stuck in a trench, they cant go out as either side Bosnia or Serbia might fire at them and how they come out of it with help of UNPROFOR soldiers only to kill each other.
There are no loop holes in the movie, the script is tight and never once do you feel bored watching this movie.

A contingent of 5 relief soldiers from Bosnia with a guide make way through countryside in the night. Due to heavy fog they rest for the night and wake up to find themselves close to Serbia border and soldiers firing at them. They run for cover but not everyone escapes alive. Chiki wakes up and finds no one around him alive runs into the trench between the two sides. Serbia sends two of its men to check out for any life.
They pull body of Cera and place a bouncing mine under him. If the body is moved the mine will blast having an impact upto 50 yards. Chiki swiftly moves from hiding and fires at the two Serbian soldiers killing one and wounding other (Nino). Nino is a fresher to war and does not even know how to fire.

Cera is actually not dead but just the impact made him unconscious. He comes back to senses. Cera and Nino convey that hes atop a mine.
Both sides call the UNPROFOR for help. Sergeant Marchand reaches the trench but due to his officer General Soft’s orders returns to Bosnia border to find TV reporter Jane Livingstone airing the news.

They get back to the trench along with a mine expert unfortunately even the mine expert is not able to help Chiki.
Cera had few word exchanges with Nino and outside the trench gets an oppurtunity to shoot at him. An UNPROFOR in turn fires at Cera. Both are dead.

The director nicely does not show Chiki dying but just shows him lying there in the trench with a mine underneath.
A nice movie and definitely worth a watch.

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