King Kong (2005) – Movie Review

At the end I was feeling sleepy rather than feeling happy to have seen this movie. I can understand normal romantic movies but why should the director depict Beauty Vs Beast in such a fashion.
It looked like not only humans even beasts get bowled over by beauty!!! The worst part is the sentimental part and the emotions the beast shows. As the last line sums it up all, “The beast did not die from bullets”.
Why did the directors not choose a female beast or is it that beastiness is associated with only male’s!!!

The other part that put me more to sleep was the fight with big size animals in the Skull Island. It was actually an extended fight sequence which could have been reduced.

The best part is the graphics which would have been missing in 1933, where they would have had to depend on raw materials rather than computers.

The story is the same from 1933 so I would not be adding anything new to the review.

The cast is new, Noami Watts is pretty looking (probably thats why the beaast fell for her!!).

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