Bangalore Half Marathon

18th December 2005, chest number 00382 venue Kanteerava stadium, Bangalore, more than 800 runnners.
We were asked to be there at 6:30am and the race was to start at 7:00am. The half marathon was flagged off at 7:10am. My bro and myself were the last in the pack. Slowly by 1km we were ahead of many and moved ahead slowly but steadily. First 3-4kms I was having some problem with my legs, was getting heavy and little painful. Past two months I have not practised much and spent about 5weeks in Germany where I had not sufficient exercises. I also had a bad cold for past few days and it continued even on the day of marathon. I was coughing a bit.
After 5kms got into a rhythm and did not want to stop. Of course I would not like to back out after committing to run. 6kms over and still 15kms left, I ran little fast and my bro was few feet behind me. Normally he would catch up but not this time and I did not want to slow down. Close to 10km mark, I have crossed two underpasses and a stretch of inclined road and one flyover. The route was from Kanteerava stadium, Vidhan Soudha, Mekhri Circle, Hebbal flyover.
After app. 10+km it was to turn back and run the same distance in the same route.
I caught up with few guys and was mentioning how difficult it is to run on inclined slopes and flyovers, they say “not a problem, man”. Few minutes later they are walking while am still running.
Close to 15kms mark, I feel the pain because of coughing. I thought I might not make it. Just then I find this lady who crossed me. We did not exchange any words but I found some inspiration from her. Whenever I got tired and was about to break she would cross me, this made me run and she would get tired I would run and cross her. I dont know whether she also felt the same, but she was indirectly motivating me. This mode continued till the finish line.

9:25am I crossed the finish line. I had taken 2hrs15mins to complete a half marathon. First time I have run half. Other two occassions I had finished the full.
Personally I felt the timing was not bad since I was not fit to actually run.
My bro finished 25mins after I had completed, gives a satisfaction aint it!!

The Bangalore police did a good job of diverting traffic and stopping vehicles when runners were passing through. There was one incident, since I was not witness to you, cant comment much.

The organisers should learn to keep boards indicating the km. I had to actually enquire at one point to know how much I had covered. I believe they should have learnt from the Marathon which was conducted in the month of May this year.

No photos to upload since I did not carry my camera. Our usual group of kribs, Jacob and few others were not there.

Looking forward to Mumbai Marathon early next year and hope to complete the full in 4hrs – 4.5hrs. Not more than that, but can try to finish early than that. Hopefully I practise enough and would be medically fit also.

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3 thoughts on “Bangalore Half Marathon

  1. Good show! My number was 08738. I won’t be able to make it to the Mumbai Marathon. Probably, I will be wandering in some forest 🙂

  2. Sathish, congratulations on doing a good job even without proper training. Did this event have a full marathon also? Is there a website for this event. As far as I know, the regular Bangalore marathon event is in May. Is’nt May too hot a time to have marahons, even in Bangalore?

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