On Saturday after a brief visit of 2-3hrs in Dachau we went to Munich to visit the Olympia Park. Its quite a huge area and they promote every stadium as a tourist attraction with entrance fees of 2Euros for entering each area, be it the main stadium or the football arena or the swimming stadium. We also paid 2 euros per person to enter the main stadium where the athletic events happen and decided not to go to other areas.

We almost managed to reach the track down below by climbing up and down before a security guard chased us away. There were already some people down there.
It would have been really nice if we would managed to reach there well before.
Of course its more problem for them in maintaining the grass on the track.
Somehow whenever I go to an Olympic Stadium I want to take lots of pictures, of course because I know that I cant be in there and someone else taking my snaps!!

The BMW museum is also within the same radius. This hosts all old cars and bikes. There was one bike which was pretty huge that I took pictures of the bikes in almost all angles.

Walking in that are almost killed us. We had already walked for close to 2-3 hrs in Dachau and then again walked here for more than that time.

The other famous place is the huge park where the Oktober fest is conducted. But at this time of the year there is nothing in there except the park.

From BMW Museum we went to Pizza Hut which is the only one nearby, there are McDonalds or Burger King in the same vicinity (which is something they should think about). So, the crowd which came to Olympia Park had only one outlet to eat which was Pizza Hut and unfortunately they were not able to manage such a crowd. Four waitress jumping here and there still one had to wait for long time before they took down the order.
Unfortunately it so turned out that probably the waitress at our table for a fresher to this work and she was totally lost managing the orders. But somehow, one thing to appreciate is they did not mess up with the order.

More photos can be viewed in MY ALBUM under the title of Olympia Park & BMW Museum.

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