Dachau – Famous for concentration camp

On Saturday on the way of drive to Munich we suddenly remembered Dachau famous for its concentration camp during the 2nd World War. So went in search of the concentration camp. After stopping at Burger King for a quick meal we went to this place.
Dachau is about 15 – 20kms before entering into Munic (Munchen).

Firslty right at the begining there is a shop which gives you an audio and book guide. The audio guide for 3euros, is available both in English and German. Though the shop keeper says buy one for each dont do so, for about 3 people one audio set is enough. The volume is pretty good and the battery doesnt die down easily.
The concentration camp is open for visitors on all days except Mondays (Monntag). We were just in time for a documentary movie which is shown in an auditorium inside the museum.
Its a huge area and we get a feeling as what would have happened inside during those days. Poor condition of living in the barracks, small area for bathing and toilets.

Whenever a prisoner was bought in there was an id created, and entry made in the register.

Everyday there was a rollcall for all the inmates and whoever was missing others had to take the punishment by standing for some more time. Even the old and the weak should be carried to the rollcall.
Punishment was carried out in the open so that others see it. There was a special cane for beating up also. The decision and the order of punishment was left to the SS guards.

A crematorium was added later on when the room for piling up dead bodies got filled. There are some areas marked for shooting at pistol range.

There were gas chambers built for sending prisoners to death by poison gas but it seems was never used (nobody knows why).

After the release in 1944 there was memorial built for Jews.

When you walk inside with a humane heart then you might feel really bad with what was done to human mankind by fellow brothers.

More photos can be found in MY ALBUM under the title Dachau.

One should admire definitely the way Germany has improved after its few years of attrocities. It would definitely take India some years for the ages of attrocities we were put into. Its after all a propotion and takes time to heal.

We did find lot of Indian tourists out here. Though not everyone says Hi even if you do. Thats something bad, a fellow Indian does not respond to your Hello’s and stuff but a German or any other national does and in all we think we are more friendly.

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