Menu Card in German Hotels

If one goes to a proper German Hotel, he should definitely know atleast few German words to know what to order. Of course one can ask the waitress but if she also doesnt know English and talks in German she might suggest something and it might not suit to your taste buds. Otherwise you should be accompanied by a German national or someone who can speak German.
First time in a Beveria hotel in Mannheim luckily accompanied by a German who was about 6ft7in and 3 times big as me helped in choosing the menu.
That was the funniest past, walking next to this German, me and my colleague looked like two pawns!! Everybody crossing us on the road would look at him and then me and give a BIG smile!!
Second time a hotel in Schwetzingen accompanied by an Indian who also does not speak German we had a tough time. The waitress luckily spoke English and suggested simplest menu burger and we did not want to risk any further accepted the choice.
Third time a cafe bar in Speyer luckily accompanied by a German so no problems.
Tonight we are going to some place in Heidelberg, hopefully there should not be any problems. Moreover we are accompanied by German.

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