Riots in France

11 days and 11 nights of riots, images of burning cars, clippings of cabinet meetings. All from France brought to you by BBC World, CNN, CNBC and many other channels still riots have not stopped after so many days.
What was triggered after death of two blacks has gone so far that no appeal from Prime Minister nor the President has had any effect till now. It is claimed that the two black youngsters died after police chased them. On one hand just because two people died the whole city cannot be burnt.
Also, its not clear yet how they dies, yes they got electrocuted but what made them go near the sub-station. Did the police really chase them?? If so, why??
On the other hand the goverment is not taking effective steps to control the riots.

Compared to this the whole world was enraged during Godhra riots, Mumbai riots. The whole world was advising what to do.

Why do we need such riots. Why cant there be a silent protest. When will people understand??
Such happenings really disturbs one’s peace and country’s economy and also the faith people have in others. Cant we put a stop to this.

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