Car and Weekend in Germany

Well we have the option of taking a car in germany and SIXT has given me a Smart Car. Though I dont like it very much, coz it cant go beyond a speed of 130 – 140km/hr, its small and its an automatic one. I find it difficult not to use my left leg (am sort fo used to that).
I would probably drive around with this for another one week before I change to a better on.

The climate in Germany is not the usual. Normally in November the temperatures it seems goes to 0 deg and it also rains, but this year its not so. It was raining sometimes and rest its hot and sunny!!

On Saturday We had planned to go to Speyer a nice city in Germany driving in my car so that I get used to driving here, but we took a wrong turn and ended up in Schwetzingen. This is also a nice city with a castle and huge park. The drive is about 30mins from Mannhiem and we did go into Heidelberg country side. At Schwetzingen we had our lunch in typical German restaurant. As a matter of fact there are no McDonalds or Pizza Huts here. This is still city with old values and has not changed unlike the bigger cities.
The park is quite big and one needs to pay 4Euros as entrance fee. Of course I did not go into the park and for the tour of castle you need a guide. In the market palce there is sculpture which is of a lady selling asparagus to a young girl. Asparagus is famous just like Beer (written as Bier here).

On Sunday, I joined few other colleagues in the hotel for lunch. One of the guy made Sambar in Kannadiga style and there were some other items which we feasted on. Earlier in the day we made a visit to Planetarium @ Mannhiem but it was closed. Dont know when they open!!
Later in the day we took a walk towards Rhine River which flows through Mannhiem and made a short trip to Heidelberg.
In the Rhine river there were two big boats making a cruise and on the river side lot of people jog and walk. From there we took a tram 5R to Heidelberg which goes along the river Nekar. Nekar flows from North while Rhine flows from the South. Quite a nice scenery.

More photos can be found in MY ALBUM and click on the album ‘Weekend in Germany’.

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2 thoughts on “Car and Weekend in Germany

  1. @sen

    currently there are lot of places where construction activity is happening in the autobhan so we cant zoom. maintain speed limits of 120.. some places we can zoom..
    but generally these guys are taking lot of time for construction.

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