New investments in Chennai

While Bangalore is losing out on projects due to politics, Chennai is gaining because of politics!!
With the party running the State Goverment and the main opposition party part of the coalition in Central Goverment and both trying to win laurels from people before next election its boon time for Chennai and TamilNadu. Lots of new projects, new companies opening up centers and improvement in road infrastructure.

Latest in these, Cisco is investing about US $ 10 million for a lab to be setup jointly with BSNL, Chennai. Read more in lazygeek’s blog.

BMW is setting up plant in Chennai near Mahindra City. They will be importing not the complete assembled car but only half and then assemble in the Chennai plant. Their investment will be about Rs.10 crores.

Ericsson is setting up a lab in collaboration with Bharti Telecom which will run to million of dollars.

Chennai is picking up after its slow start and gaining more from Bangalore’s loss.

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2 thoughts on “New investments in Chennai

  1. hi Sathish,

    While googling for marathons in India, I came across your blog and found it to be interesting. What a conincidence that you wrote about Cisco as I work for this company in San Jose. I am into endurance sports…have run two full and two half marathons so far and am doing the Silicon Valley half this sunday. Its amazing to see so many races in India now and the number of people willing to train and actually race!
    Which is your next race and how are you training for it? Would you have any idea on date/time and registration procedure of Pune International marathon? I’ll be India for two weeks and return back on Dec 11th. Had I known about Delhi marathon before I’d have planned accordingly!


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