Death Penalty – New Controversy

Our President Abdul Kalam asks Govt to review the death sentence and there is some discussion happening in Indian Express over this.
On a humane touch one would say it is not right to put a person to death. But one should also think of the anger and vengance in the minds of victims and its family. If there is such a humane touch and death sentences are not delivered any more one should think about the rise in crime rate that can happen.
All papers splash headlines ‘Minor Girl Raped’, ‘Minister shot dead’ so on and on which also hog the limelight in the media. A minor girl raped and declared dead what would be the effect on the family. On top if the rapist is given just life sentence he can come out after the term and still be the same old guy. On the other hand he can get reformed and be a nice man when he comes out of jail but what about the victims family can the girls life be brought back. Why should a rapist be not awarded death sentence.
Minister shot dead, what if he was the only bread winner in the family. The family would like to see to it that there is some justice done but if he is allowed to go scot free after some years on the pretext that he has reformed, the family will be thinking only of revenge. This would develop many more anti-social elements rather than reducing the crime rate.

If found guilty of crime there should be no second thoughts on awarding death sentence. This would also bring in fear into the minds of other people who are potential to cause violence or trouble in the society.
I hope our President would consider the other side and not just the humane touch. Our President might be right in his decision but what would be the reaction of family members of the victims is the question.



5 thoughts on “Death Penalty – New Controversy

  1. Death penalty should be ‘awarded’ to all the jerks raping kids, doing gang-rapes, killing ppl,…
    If they need to be spared on humanitarian grounds, they need to b humane in the 1st place.

  2. death penalty shud be awarded but the crime needs some amount of discussion, i am sure white collar crimes deserve the death penalty much more than crimes like rape

  3. I agree with Vatsan!!More than punishing a raper with a death penalty, we need to see what goes behind making a person into a raper-murderer etc., Who influenzes?

    White collar crimes are worser!!!

    Smiles etc.,


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