Wonder la – Amusement Park

VegaLand in Cochin, the same guys have opened an amusement park ‘Wonder la’ about 35kms from Bangalore on the Mysore Highway near a place called Bidadi. This was opened on October 1st 2005 and the rates for Adults on public holiday’s is Rs.480/- and on other days is Rs.380/-. There is a 10% discount till October 20th as a promotion offer. It is open from 11:00 in the morning till 7:00 in the evening on all days. Even though it was recently opened there was pretty good turnout. It seems on Wednesday 12th October 2005 there were about 3000+ people who dropped in.
It has about 26 water rides and 24 land rides. Once the entrance fee is paid there are no charges for the rides individually except that one has to pay for the food which is costly and it goes by default in such kind of places.
I went yesterday with my friend and even though it was raining throughout the day there were lot of people even before the gates were opened.

The best part is they accept credit cards for payment and no service charge on that, plus the queue is little less in credit card counter.
In the water rides, you got a wooden boat (runs on a track) which goes up for a distance and then comes down into the water splashing it all over and then back to square one.

There are lot of pipes in which one has to lie down flat with head above the surface and then slide into the water, the height varies and also the curves of the pipes. There is a pool of water where people can lie down on the air boat and spend some time.

The major attractions in the water rides are the almost near 80deg fall from the top into water. And the other once is artificial WAVE POOL where waves are generated in the pool and people get the feeling that one is on the beach side though there isnt sand underneath.

In the land rides you got the DROP ZONE where people are fastened up and then taken to a height and then dropped again taken up and dropped. (I had to lie on the ground to take this shot!!)

Another is in the model of a windmill called HURRICANE, in this people are lifted above land and then rotated clockwise anti-clockwise and also upside down (this is major fun to look at, though I did not go in). There are many more rides of same types but the fun element is always there with people making screaming sounds to some who are afraid but dont show it off.

Of course, this needs a special mention. The Virtual Reality show, people are seated in an auditorium and its a show of journey through the mines. You experience such an effect that you actually feel you are moving in a train inside the mine field. It spoils the fun if I write about this in detail. (My friend said they had the same thing in Cochin). One should be in it to experience it.

It is definitely worth a visit.

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57 thoughts on “Wonder la – Amusement Park

  1. Vow!!! that is a wonderful brief info aobut the park. I am gonna experience it this sunday.. Thanks a ton for the briefing Satish

  2. @anon
    thnx man… hope you had a nice time out there..
    if only you had left a link i cld ‘ve checked up with ur xperience…

  3. I was searching for Wonderla website and found it is under construction.(really diappointed,being such a large Amusement park with no information).
    I am thankfull to your Blogs, where you mentioned good information. Once again thanks.

  4. @anon1
    its sad that they rnt maintaining their website properly..
    mine is quite an old write up as of now..
    hopefully some new rides should have come in..

    ur always welcome…

    makes me wonder why no 1 wants to reveal their identity while commenting??

  5. To the whole Wonder La Management,

    It is a great place, u guys r doing a amazing job, the place is very well maintained and very hygenic. Keep up the good work.

    Rajani Nair.

  6. @anon
    s, wonderla would be a gr8 weekend plan.. but make sure u go thr very early otherwise there is a big queue for ticket purchase..
    when i went initially when they opened the queue for paying by credit card was very less…

  7. hey guys… can anyone tell me good places to hang around…. like parks…nd really nice places.. in bangalore…
    thnks in advance..

  8. @abhishek
    thnx for the comments.. i cld add more pics but i went when they had opened it & 2day there r lot new rides which were not there then..

  9. Gururaj said,
    i visited wonderla , i really enjoyed, enjoyed , enjoyed.. .. ….. .. very very …… much. its really a very good…. place

  10. Gururaj, Kodigehalli said,
    i visited wonderla , i really enjoyed, enjoyed , enjoyed.. .. ….. .. very very …… much. its really a very good…. place

  11. @gururaj
    its really a nice place 2 enjoy..

    WonderLa is located in Bidadi a small town about 30kms away from bangalore. am not sure if there are any places to stay over there for the night…

  12. i visited wonderla and i njoyed a lot.its really thrill and we can feel the atmosphere wt we watch in movies.really gr8 place 2 njoy ……….

  13. Hi Satish,
    I searched for information on WonderLa and found that I cannot access wonderla.com through my company’s firewall.

    But when I reached to your blog, I got answers to all my queries.
    Thanks a lot for that.
    You have narrated the place very nicely.

    I am planning to visit WonderLa this weekend or the next.
    Will sure share my experience then.

  14. @shounak
    its good to know that my post was of use.. thnx for that..
    hope you have a nice weekend adventure out there…
    i should accept that my post is close to 2yrs old, the time when they started..

  15. can anybody tell me about transportation facility of wonderla and about their pickup points……i live in yeshwantpur..tell me nearest pickup point from here….

  16. I Myself introduse as a senior manager – admin & mktg fr Queensland Amusement park , Chennai. Loooking for better prospect.
    If u hve any requrement pls call the undersighned.


  17. thanx 4 the brief info…………………….im gonna xperience it 2 morrow…..
    wat tym does it open on weekdays……….N wats the fee???????//

  18. Hi,

    I got exclusive offers 43% Discount from Mashtideals website. Rs.225=Rs.400 Discount on Queensland Theme Park, Chennai. Hurry Up!!!

    Enjoy your holidays!!!

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