Aiyanar – Hotel review

Aiyanar is located in the Inner Ring Road connecting Airport Road to Koramangala. They have varities of Chettinad, Tandoor, Chinese.
I should say this place is also not worth the money one pays. The quantity they give is less. The quality is also not good.
They also make mistakes in the order and bring differently from what one has ordered though not to all customers.
Such errors and quality has to be improved if they are to retain their customer base.

I still feel after trying out many places, the best for Chettinad food is Anachi on Indiranagar 100ft Road.

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One thought on “Aiyanar – Hotel review

  1. Sathish,
    Sorry mate, i was just checking for Aiyanar in Google and found your post. I not sure when was the last time you have been to that place. I must say their lunch is one of the best in bangalore Full worth for money. You always rate the place based on the food and the ambience. Where in Bangalore you get an ulimited veg meals for 60 rs and with that taste. please try out their lunch on a week end.
    I have had one full year having Aiyanar food and the food doesn’t harm your tummy its not the case with other resturants in Bangalore if you take Nandini food its good for the first time but you can’t have it for a long run. I do accept the fact that their delivery time is little on the higher side but i would rate it as 5*.

    Hope this will help you change your view about Aiyanar, please keep me posted.

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