Cindrella Man – Movie Review

Russell Crowe gives another near perfect performance in this quite sentimental movie. Russell as James J Braddock the boxer of late 1920’s – 1930’s, the movie is briefly about his life. The movie starts with a boxing match and James winning it. In the year 1929 he is decomissioned from boxing and finds hard to meet his family food requirements. He is married with three kids. For another four years, Period of Depression, he struggles to get money and goes to the extent of taking money from Goverment where they are surprised to see him. He goes almost daily in search of job in the dockyard where he gets a paltry sum for a days work. That was also the time when unemployement was at its heights in USA. Things take a turn in 1933 when he gets an offer for one boxing match. He wins that and becomes a star. His suspension is revoked and he is allowed to fight again. He goes on to win many more matches and makes lots of money.

The impressive parts are where he promises his son not to send him away from home under any circumstances, the determination he has to get food for his family whatever happens and when he returns the money to the Goverment which he took during his period of unemployement.
The story is bit emotional and sentimental at places but it does turn you up admiring the determination of the boxer.
This is a definitely a movie to watch to draw inspiration though it is not documentary type of movie.

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