Pleasure of driving

Today morning my bro and myself drove from Chennai to Bangalore in our small car. We started quite early around 5:30am itself. While we were driving towards Kancheepuram the sun was rising behind us and the view on the rearview mirror was just too good and not much words to explain. Unfortunately, we did not have our camera that time to capture it. It was all pinkish with the orange ball glowing on it.
It was quite surprising that we were able to reach Bangalore by 11:30am which means 6hrs of driving. That the small car could do was really nice. A bigger car would mean lesser time of travel!!
The total distance is approximately 360+kms and we travelled 20kms excess than usual to avoid some traffice early on.

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2 thoughts on “Pleasure of driving

  1. Hurry spoils the curry! Why bother driving so fast on a NH?????:-)

    had fun?

    Boys will be boys naa:-) Hmm *Sighing*

    Smiles etc.,

    (PS: Only I was missing in the car with you both and an ongoing cell connection to crib aduchify abt the speed to u-know-hoo;-) :p hahahaha yenna sollareenga?)
    Just kidding!

  2. @smyta
    we were actually not driving fast as every1 is thinking… it was normal speed & since we dint stop frequently & fr breakfast we were able 2 save lot of time….
    u shld chk out the route, its awesome!! almost like driving in autobahn though still not complete…

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