Spam messages in Mobile Phones

Of late every day I was getting atleast 3-4 junk messages on my mobile. I use Hutch network and a pre-paid connection. There would be no number from which these messages are sent but would have a name as “GUESS”, “BRAND QUIZ”, “ASHA BHONSLE”, “KISHORE KUMAR”…..
The content of the message varies and if it comes in a singer/composers name then it for downloading ringtones.
I got so pissed off with so many coming in in a day that I called them up yesterday and said:

ME: this is the problem I have and I dont want to receive such messages.
(The response was very surprising)
HUTCH Customer Care: “Sir, its from our network that we send these messages, if you send a reply SMS and if you are lucky you might win Rs.100/- talktime free for some message content. These messages cannot be blocked, anyway I have noted your mobile number we will try our best.”
ME: If you send SMS worth close to or more than Rs.200/- you might get Rs.100/- free talktime if you are lucky!! And these messages cannot be blocked which means the customers should stay put with the pain.
HCC: “Yes, Sir. There is no other option. But you can ignore the message.”
ME: Even if I want to ignore I need to press two or three buttons, thats still a pain. I want to block them no matter what.
HCC: “Wait Sir, I will check and let you know. Sir, thanks for waiting we cant do anything about it and we have noted the complaint. The concerned department would look into it”
ME: I know your concerned department would look into it, can I talk to those guys directly. Your job is to write down complaints but if I talk to them I can tell how much pain it is for customers
HCC: “Sorry Sir, thats not possible. You can call again tomorrow and check”

The main problem is not many people complain. But believe me its a pain to receive so many messages in a day and all are junk. Hope there are many more who would also complain.


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