Trip to Goa

3+ yrs after passing out of Regional Engineering College, Trichy (currently National Institute of Technology, Trichy) after doing my Master of Computer Application, I went on trip with my classmate and two sub-juniors for the first time. And the destination turned out to be Goa.
Friday night we boarded the train from Chennai to Vasco-da-gama at Yeshwantpur Station in Bangalore. Since we had a side berth it was painful to sleep in the night with not much space for movement.
But during the day journey since the train was passing through the Ghats with a very good nature’s view the pain was forgotten.

If my counting was right we passed through 13 tunnels and had the view of majestic Dudh Sagar Water Falls. The photo should speak all more than my words.

We got down at Margoa station and enquired with the Goa Tourism for hotel booking on Colva Beach side. Its always safe to get a Goa Tourism hotel rather than check out 4-5 hotels touts would be taking one around. The rate was 500/- per room for a day and we were 15days before the season was to set in.
We rented two bikes, each bike costing Rs.350/- per day, for commuting up and down, of course most of the beaches are on the North rather than in the South.
Saturday 17th September 2005:
Miramar Beach– From Colva we drove down in our bikes to this beach which is about 4kms from Panjim. The crowd looked more of family types than of tourists. Some had come to immerse Ganesh idols after celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi two weeks back. We were just in time for me to catch few sunset photos.

Don Paula – This is named in memory of the person Don Paula. There is no sea shore for people to stand on the waters. But one gets a good view of the sea and far away from here.

Sunday 18th September 2005:
Calangute Beach – I was here last year with different set of people. This about 15kms from Panjim. There was almost no changes in this place and even the same eatouts were there. This time the sea was rough and more to do with monsoons. I wanted to get a tattoo and the remaining three followed. We spent almost the whole day in this beach. Two of us went into the water while the other two remained seated. We were here for almost the whole day. It seems on saturday only two people went missing in the water. By evening 5:00, we moved over to Baga Beach.
Baga Beach – This beach is 4kms from Calangute by road. One can also walk from Calangute beach to Baga Beach. The water was not deep enough here, the soil was also not loose and the sea was not rough. Three of us went into the water and splashed around for some time and it was raining also. After changing our dress, one of guys slippers went missing from there. I managed few sunset snaps in this place also.

Anjuna Beach – Its a 7kms drive from Calangute. We went here well after sunset in the dark but not to take a dip or anything, just to see what it was. Full of rocks just a single path leads you down to the waters. Not much crowd also here neither is there sufficient space for large crowd.
Monday 19th September 2005:
After we checked out of our room to avoid another days rent, we kept our luggage in the hotel reception itself and took our bikes for next destination.
Palalemo Beach – This beach is about 35kms from Colva. When we reached Margoa it started raining. After waiting for some time with no signs of rain stopping we continued our drive. To reach this place we need to go up the hill and again some down. One need to follow the route of Karwar. This is the only stretch were I found the road signs were not clear and there needs to be improvement. When we reached there we found fishermen trying their daily catch, some with success others without.

The cottages here look quite good, mostly give a resemblance of tree houses. The rent is quite cheap, about Rs.200/-. During season it goes to Rs.300/- per day. There are mostly foreigners here as tourists rather than Indians.

Back to Colva by around 4:00pm. Spent some time on the beach and then took our bags to catch the train.

The good thing about Goa is the route from Margoa till Panjim and till Calangute comes under NH17 (National Highway 17). There are sign boards everywhere giving directions for each place and also sign boards indicating the curve, turnings and speed breakers. This makes it easier for driving. But while driving through South of Goa one would not find this.

For more photos and my photo with tattoo click here and check the album ‘Goa-17 to 19th September 2005’

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